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Project “Weightless”


Counsel + Help for severely disabled and ill persons

Are you disabled or suffer from severe illness?

Do you require care?

Do you want to apply for old-age benefits?

Are you in  need or nurturing or consolation?

Are you in difficulty as to whom to contact, when filling out forms for government agencies and other official organisations?

No problem! Come to us! Make an appointment, so that we can help you! We have a sympathetic ear for your situation and draw on our  broad experience to give you help.

You can talk to us about your physical and psychological problems – we would listen to you and support you!

Evelyn Werther and her team of supporters, of the project “Weightless”, Exerzierstraße 23,13357 Berlin-Wedding


Tel: 030/46067067


E-Mail: E.Werther@ratplushilfe.de


E-Mail: spenden@ratplushilfe.de