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Our Work / What we offer


Brief Report of Our Activities.


In our counselling centre in Exerzierstraße 23, 13357 Berlin we help people with their problems, people of all age groups, nationalities and confessions and  who are in any social or personal hardship or emergency.

Every visitor can expect to find support in general issues but can also expect to find a sympathetic ear for his or her personal situation. Most of our visitors come from multi-ethnic backgrounds.

The counselling centre is based in the City of  Berlin, precisely at Wedding, but is also well known beyond the city.

From the beginning, our clients were mostly of African origin, but now we receive people from all nationalities, with Arabic or Turkish backgrounds. We cater for people from all nationalities.

Our work is organised mainly through appointments. This is to make sure that, the correct specialist is available at the time of your appointment. 

However, spontaneous or emergency visitors can come during office opening hours.


The areas of counselling are

-          rights of residence, asylum law

-          family issues like

o   violence within the family

o   mediation service for bi-national families

o   support with school problems

-          social hardships like

o   housing shortage

o   debts and personal insolvency

o   joblessness

-      Administrative tasks, accompaniment  to government agencies due to multilingual staff

-          Counselling for issues concerning health and illness

-          Support for people with disabilities

-          Support for elderly people




The problems that our clients bring with them are often complex and can only be dealt with in cooperation with a multitude of organisations.

We therefore work closely and together with other social counselling centres, medical doctors/physicians, therapists and lawyers/barristers/solicitors.

We are in direct contact with agencies in social administration, the foreigners’ registration office and school boards.




The work is exclusively financed by honorary work and donations. There are no profits and no charges for receiving help.

Donations are welcomed, especially because many of our visitors are without or have limited monetary resources.


Opening hours:


Monday and Tuesday as well as Thursday and Friday

11:00am till 2:00pm

Otherwise please ask for an appointment

Legal advice (only with a prearranged appointment)

In emergency cases please call and ask for an appointment:

Tel: 030-46067067 or mobile: 01734843676 (O2)



We are glad that volunteers help us deal with the issues and problems in our work, for example by supporting our legal advice service, helping with language barriers, filling in forms and similar tasks. Yet the workload can not be managed exclusively by honorary work.

The hardship in the hot spot area of Wedding, but also in other areas is large, but the association can count on one dependable volunteer who sacrifices much of her energy and her skills – and was also awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her major commitment.

Legal advice as a lawyer

Please make an appointment! Tel 030-46067067

Bearer of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Evelyn Werther

Tel: 030-46067067

E-Mail: E.Werther@ratplushilfe.de

Mrs Evelyn Werther has successfully completed the extensive state examination and the state examination for intensive-care medicine. She worked in this field for 12 years and then decided to study theology. Mrs Werther was married to a medical doctor but is now a widow.

Due to personal illness Mrs Werther can only do honorary work, but she does that with full commitment of time and energy, in helping people, disregarding of age, origin or culture. Her work at “Rat + Hilfe e.V.” is her primary occupation.