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Project „Intergration + Mediation“


In Berlin Wedding, there are many non-citizens, who live together do experience so many difficulties with the German language and official authorities.

We have two volunteers who work to support them, and for the benefit of all people who face a variety of problems, within the family; like finding a place to live, finding work, having problems with drugs, family and parenting problems.

Many of them have had a traumatised past, but we are experienced in this field and have a sympathetic ear to listen to them and help them in their difficult situation.

We welcome about many people in our centre with a variety of issues.

The greatest challenge is to find solutions, even when there are  language barrier issues, we try to motivate clients to follow up the necessary solutions.

Through weekly mediation sessions, we help people to deal with their past and look forward towards a better future.

In these sessions, guided dialogue helps people in changing habitual and mental patterns.

The talks encourage self-reflection and application of what has been learned, implementing it into practice and dealing with every-day life.

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